Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Antimalware virus Removal - How To Remove Antimalware virus Easily From Your PC

Remove Antimalware virus Infection

Antimalware virus is a rouge program and is one of the latest addition to the group of fake antivirus programs. Antimalware virus is designed in such a way that it looks like a genuine antivirus product but in reality it is just a useless program. Antimalware virus fake software usually gets into your computer when you try to watch online movies from unknown websites. When you visit these websites, you are usually prompted to download a video codec to watch the movie. This is a trick done by the hackers to infect your computer with malware. The video codec actually contains the Antimalware virus fake antivirus software installation files. Once the download is complete, Antimalware virus will get automatically installed to your computer.

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Once inside your computer, Antimalware virus will program itself to start automatically when you restart your computer. Antimalware virus will perform computer scanning and will display fake scanning reports which says your computer is infected with Virus and Trojans. Antimalware virus will also produce many unwanted pop-ups which states your computer is deeply infected with malware and you will be forced to buy the removal software to remove these infections. One thing you should know that this pop-ups and virus scanning reports are all fake. These are some of the usual tricks done by hackers to steal your money. Antimalware virus rouge program will use most of the computer resources and will make your computer unusable. Manual removal of Antimalware virus rogue software is not recommended as it involves removing fake entries from computer windows registry. Editing windows registry is only advised for expert users. You should backup your windows registry before editing it. Any unwanted change in registry may result in a computer crash.

How To Remove Antimalware virus Easily

Antimalware virus can be easily removed using good Spyware Removal tools. This method is safe and automatic. Spyware Removal tool will automatically scan your computer and will remove all the Antimalware virus virus infected files.

Download Antimalware virus Removal Tool

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